Strategic Focus   Secretary
The following strategic focus in 2007-08.
  1. Strengthening the grass root level target group's ability to reach out and interact with them and other development actors.
  2. Focussing on the role and challenges in relation to the qualitative and qualitative development of target group and effectiveness of aid to development.

The NGO's ability to reach out and interact with target groups and other development actors will be strengthened by revising various project and programs to become more interactive, and by organising meetings outside of Morena, including women, youth, meetings and other meetings organised in collaboration with other development actors. In addition, the centre will aim to increase the visibility and participation of more target group in partnership groups, village meetings, etc.

The role and challenges in relation to qualitative and quantitative development of target group and effectiveness of aid to development relates to both the village & district level focus on aid effectiveness. To address the question of the challenges, the NGO would facilitate studies and discussions on challenges in the changing context and on the quality and effectiveness of NGO involvement in grass root level, while also organising and supporting activities that enhance coordination and collaboration among NGO activities.

Key Result Areas
  1. Information Sharing: strengthen information collection and sharing for and about NGOs and their partners.
  2. Coordination: Facilitate experience sharing, coordination, and networking etc. for general and sect oral program areas.
  3. Dialogue and Collaboration: strengthen relationships, dialogue, and collaboration between NGOs and other development actors in District.
  4. Operations: act as a source of practical advice to established and new partnership
Mr. B. L. Dhakad